The Jetmat Technology


  • A multifunctional smart dispenser built from thousands of injectors that emit high performance water and air jets.
  • Extremely fast and reliable cleaning equipment with individually programmable operating characteristics.
  • Universal cleaning effect interface that can be optimized for any type of contamination.
  • Cleanliness protection prevention to control the spread of floor-level dirt.
  • Multi-purpose, step-sensitive cleaning interface that can be integrated into the floor covering.
  • Hygiene safety system supported by IT monitoring and app.
  • Efficient cleanliness protection technology, automated building services solution.
  • Patented technological innovation designed to enhance sustainable cleanliness.


  • Our technology delivers an unprecedented experience of real-time, long-lasting cleanliness.
  • It guarantees rapid containment of the spread of dirt and pathogens at floor level.
  • Maintains floor cleanliness, facilitating increased pedestrian and vehicle traffic.
  • Reduces the need for cleaning, thus significantly reducing cleaning costs.
  • It contributes to reducing the risk of accidents, slips and falls.
  • As an advanced hygiene-safety system, it ensures the integrity of cleanliness is always maintained.
  • The economical cleanliness protection capability based on prevention gives unprecedented durability and thus enhanced cleanliness value.


  • Real-time, sustained cleanliness experience, pathogen-free, clean movement space, unobstructed passage.
  • Aesthetic and hygienic flooring, guaranteed dust and pathogen-free rapid entry system.
  • Fewer complications, halving or eliminating the need for cleaning.
  • The elimination of dirt, reduced physical and chemical floor irritation due to less cleaning extends the life expectancy of floor coverings.
  • It speeds up logistical processes, as the movement of people, goods and equipment is coupled with the ability to maintain cleanliness over time.
  • Durable structure safe operation, significant added value, high lifetime, low energy demand, enhanced environmental protection.


  • Contact with the soles of the shoes initiates the process, the rapid release of high-pressure (1) cleaning, (2) drying and (3) disinfecting pulses.
  • 1) The cleaning fluid completely removes even the smallest stubborn dirt in the deeper grooves of the soles.
  • 2) The compressed air released at the point of contact dries the soles without dripping.
  • 3) At the end of the process, a high concentration of biocide disinfectant spray sterilises the soles.
  • During the passage of motor vehicles, the contact of the wheels triggers the same cleaning processes.
  • The self-cleaning ability of the jet carpet ensures sterilized, clog-free and odourless operation.
  • It can also perform cleaning with a low dew point, emitting 180°C dry steam.
  • The cleaning fluid used is discharged from the surface drainage ducts into the building's sewer system.


  • The exceptional preventive capability lies in the technological advantages of construction automation.
  • Lightning-fast (0.01 sec) response time, high-power cleaning pulse emission.
  • Advanced hydrodynamic operation, 4D digital contact detection, water-saving pulse mode.
  • Electroless hardware digitizing, binary mapping of contact surfaces.
  • Pressure preloaded, rapid intervention, multi-purpose universal cleaning action interface.
  • Safe bistable reflection, pulse emission focused on the location and time of contacts.
  • Self-exciting digital injectors surface integrated into a coordinated cleaning pulse.
  • High resolution, thousands of injectors per square metre, super-sensitive preventive cleaning.
  • Programmable basic pressure range of 3-6 bar, but up to 90 bar can be achieved


  • The durability of cleanliness in the real world of everyday life can only be successfully maintained by controlling the spread of contamination at floor level.
  • Our prevention translates into a uniquely effective and constantly available cleanliness protection capability.
  • Thousands of people can pass through the jet carpet in a short space of time, while the floor coverings and the equipment itself remain clean.
  • The dirt is immediately discharged into the building's drainage system with the cleaning fluid used, so the air curtain cannot become saturated with the dirt that is washed out.
  • As an advanced hygiene safety system, it guarantees the concentrated cleaning energy is delivered without delay, even under extreme loads.
  • The jet mat is available in individual sizes and with a load capacity of up to 20 - 50t, without any application restrictions.


  • Taking into account the specificities of the buildings, including known pollution risks and specific uses, we design a customer-specific model.
  • We develop a specific quotation based on long-term needs and the associated return on investment analysis.
  • We also provide expert advice, design, installation, commissioning, additive supply and continuously updated change tracking adaptation.
  • We offer full technological back-up (spare parts supply, maintenance, service, remote IT support).
  • We propose the introduction of a redefined advanced cleaning model based on a prevention-based hygiene and safety system.
  • We also offer a number of indirect benefits of more sustainable cleaning practices by improving building hygiene:
  • 1) Reduced dust formation, airborne contamination generation.
  • 2) Increase in the detectable lifespan of floor coverings.
  • 3) Reduced risks of occupational health and safety, slip and fall hazards.


  • Cleanliness protection requires constant monitoring, reliable operation and back-up support tailored to the specific needs of our customers, so we have been careful in the design of our business model and pricing system.
  • We prefer a long-term rental model, making the Jetmat technology available on a customer-friendly rental contract of 3-5 years without investment constraints.
  • We have developed simple cost-based accounting, order incentive terms and conditions and a beneficial incentive scheme.
  • We have worked to offer competitive rates, so that you can achieve sterile passage protection for the price of a single cappuccino per hour.
  • The real value of real-time sustained cleanliness is the constant availability of the jet carpet technology, the plannable and predictable protection potential, and the combination of rapid intervention and adaptation capabilities.
  • The outdated cleaning practices that are rapidly fading out in achieving temporary cleanliness can be seen as a simple waste of resources when compared to the advanced prevention-based sustainable cleanliness model.


  • Real-time cleanliness greatly assists facility operators in achieving industry-specific hygiene standards and sustained compliance with international hygiene standards (e.g. HACCP).
  • Regular prevention-based sustainability audits will indirectly greatly enhance the efficiency of building operations by achieving and sustaining priority hygiene targets. 
  • Real-time cleanliness has a significant economic stimulating effect (e.g. increasing plant safety and reducing scrap production) in many high-priority sectors (e.g. public health and food, electronics, automotive, etc.).
  • By analysing the movement processes within a building, we will map the floor-level contamination pathways and their adverse effects on each other.
  • The data will help to identify the optimal preventive penetration points, i.e. the ideal installation locations for the radiant blanket.
  • Preliminary fact-finding hygiene studies supporting sustainable cleanliness will provide a basis for the functional renewal of reduced cleaning practices based on carpet prevention.