The Jetmat Technology

We are a 100% Hungarian startup. We are developing an innovative automated technology, JetMat®, that can revolutionize the current preventive cleaning capabilities and efforts to maintain hygienic cleanliness. But what exactly is JetMat? A multi-functional smart-floor, built from thousands of high-performance water and air jets. At critical contact points - at the boundary between contaminated and clean surfaces - it controls the spread of contaminants at floor level without delay by protected-cycle pulse discharge using pressurised cleaning media streams.
The JetMat® thoroughly cleans the soles of pedestrians (and the wheels of vehicles passing over it) with concentrated and targeted jets of water, then drip-dries and finally disinfects. It digitises the contact surfaces it passes through without the use of electricity and completes the cleaning process in a reaction time of a hundredth of a second.

Looking to invest?

With our product and the services around it, we can guarantee optimal hygiene safety in buildings. Our technologies are developed using the latest research and the highest quality compliance to provide our customers with excellent preventive capabilities and total reliability. Our aim is to ensure the long-term cleanliness of the environment in all walks of life. Whether it's a variety of industrial sites with high hygiene requirements or public places that are often extremely busy, our prevention is a convincing way to protect the cleanliness of buildings and the environment. Our development activities to bring JetMat® to market is a complex, challenging and time and capital intensive process. All our efforts have led to new milestones, which encourages us to raise additional capital

Our team

We collaborate with business partners, institutions and individuals to provide tailor-made cleanliness solutions. Our full-inclusive service packages are designed to take the burden and responsibility of keeping clean off our customers' shoulders. Our team is constantly expanding and we make every effort to recruit the best professionals who are passionate and committed to meeting our clients' high hygiene standards and sustainability ambitions. We have always strived to be up-to-date with the latest trends and developments in cleanliness protection to provide state-of-the-art technological innovation, market-leading products and services.


Cleanliness protection is as little known a concept as sustainable cleanliness. Prevention receives little attention because of the low effectiveness of currently available preventive cleaning methods, which tend to focus on the systematic clean-up of floor-level contamination. No one wants endless cleaning, but a reliable, long-lasting, durable, real-time cleanliness is more attractive, but only the right choice of effective prevention can provide this feeling.

We have a lot to say ... we believe that the value of cleanliness is actually defined by its durability over time. Effective prevention, which is the basis of hygiene safety, is a triumph of common sense, but it is overshadowed by partly counterproductive market influences and habits that thrive within their own limits. Until the prototype of the JetMat® technology, which has high technical requirements, is demonstrated to the public using our own resources, we will only receive indirect professional support. To counter this effect, we are also seeking publicity from international hygiene auditing and cleaning technology professional organisations.

In a series of soon to be organised conferences, we will provide in-depth technical insights and live demonstrations to market players interested in hygiene safety and sustainable real-time cleanliness, and to investors who recognise the economic benefits of this intiative.


Inventor, holder of international patent rights protecting the JETMAT® technology.