JETMAT® cleanness protection


JETMAT® preserves reliable and effective constant floor purity, owing to its very effective and complex, reflexive multi stage automatic cleaning abilities for eliminate any arising dirt  spreading effects touching the floor caused by our movements. No dirty footprints nor tire track prints could no more remain on floor, not even in case of high traffic. 

Constancy of Cleanness Protection depends on efficiency of prevention.

Automatic cleanness protection abilities of JETMAT® preserve constant purity all day long, without human intervention.



In this video we illustrate and explain just the simplified functioning logical method of our cleanness protection techology by showing the inner flowing system of a small size cleaning module.

The surface of JETMAT® is integrating thousands of these modules per each squaremeters forming a high sensible auto-reflexive cleaning surface. So, this video file illustrates just and only the simplified logical operating system of the JETMAT® cleanness protection technology, nothing more.

Of course, owing to our developments the real inside consrtuction of the JETMAT® modules are completely different from this simplitied version. In the real life it is much more complex, much professional, and what is more important it works, very convincengly. During normal funtioning JETMAT® will be supplied with wide pressure range of cleaning water / steam and comprassed air. The pressure will be adjustable between ca. 3-20 bar, so each of JETMAT®'s cleaning effects will blow such high kinetic power to make the best preventive cleaning ever, serving ultimate cleanness protection.

So now, our aim is just to reach a quick and better understanding showing why it works so safe and secure, effective and reflexive. Why it is so self-evident and why its function is such secure and stable, in fact.  (please, switch the subtitles ON)


JETMAT® cleanness protection is able to ensure the complete lack of spreading pollution concerns, no matter what kind of dry, wet, acidic, alkaline, gluey, greasy, intensive, repulsive, agressive, persistent, infectious, virulent dirt combination surrounds there are on the floor, at all.

Not any dirt, no high traffic nor overweight vehicles, not even negligence of people or any sudden unpredictable getting dirt effects and theirs quick spreadings are all together can not reduce the high effective cleaning abilities of JETMAT®, at all.

Most movement will be freed up from basic slowing effects, if we provide a technology which is able to block causing dirt spreads on floor, even in case of high traffic constant movement. 

JETMAT® supports required high quality sustainable cleanness realization and our natural demands of free movement by walking and driving, too. 

JETMAT® allows quick and absolute free movement on its surrounding area without any doubth by holding back the spread of dirt immediatelly and completely, that are accompany all movements of touching the floor. Seamless clean passage between dirty and clean floor areas will support accelerated movement for people, goods and vehicles. 

Our cleanness protection service provide unlimited freedom preserving clean movement of people, goods and vehicles ensuring to keep the dinamic of walking and driving, uninterrupted.

JETMAT® supports dynamic & clean movements on floor of all users.

At the JETMAT®, we all working to make our inspiration original and authentic for you, through real experiences. 


Contamination spreading

There are many cleanness protection attempts to somehow prolong non-durable short lived of desired cleanness, but they not able to hold back contamination spreading sufficiently, so they are non-practical, therefore their value not increasing. It is very simple, if contaminations could spread it will spread, easily. If highly effective cleanness protection technologies are missing, than most cases it means the user have getting dirtier and the floor getting more slippery. That will lead to accidents of people and/or vehicles, too.

Getting dirt prevention

Source of the problem

Generally, in spite of the fact that there are many effective ordinary cleaning solutions, but they reach cleanness just for a short while, unfortunately. Most ordinary cleaning procedure remains useless and costly for the users, because they have applied them without the elimination of the origin of contamination problem. The reason and the source of all systematic dirt spreading simply survives any cleaning, again and again without any worthy solution, because for blocking the dirt spreading they haven`t got any effective tools.

Source of the problem

Periodical cleaning

There are many usual cleaning procedures able to achieve the high level cleanness, but cleanness just has a short life, because of contamination spreads easily over the unattended cleanness quickly, without difficulty. Most of periodical used cleaning procedures prefer quick and effective short lasting cleaning methods, lacking of right abilities they focus only on spectacular solutions, for nothing else. Contamination intensity on floor increases exponentially during two cleaning procedure.

Periodical cleaning

Purity is our passion

Movement of people, goods and vehicles will be freed up from basic slowing effects, if we provide a technology which is able to block dirt spreading on the floor, even in case of high traffic constant movement. Effective cleanness protection of JETMAT supports both realization of required high quality sustainable cleanness and our natural demands of free movement. Would you like to be equipped, used and enjoy cleanness protection constantly provided by JETMAT?

Purity is our passion

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We organize the Premiere of JETMAT® and the Full-contACT Cleanness Protection Conference.

We organize the Premiere of JETMAT® and the Full-contACT Cleanness Protection Conference.

Owing to successful development results of recent years, we have prepared for demonstration of our cleanness protection technological innovation. We will share a lot of interesting information for those interested in maintaining constant high quality cleanliness. We will organize detailed negotiations with our prospective users and independent experts of the hygiene profession.

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